Listen to ‘War Wolf’

Taken from the new record ‘The Ghost Road’
available December 2nd, 2016 from UKEM Records, Plastic Head & Earache Records 


  • Wretched Soul x Demonic Ressurection UK TOUR

    Demonic Resurrection x Wretched Soul to tour the UK in May

    19th March 2018
  • Wretched Soul announced for Eradication Festival 2018

    We’ll see you there Wales!

    10th February 2018
  • The Ghost Road makes its way to Vinyl

    The Ghost Road is to be re-released on Limited Edition Red Vinyl this April

    27th January 2018
  • Wretched Soul announced for Incineration Fest

    We are honoured to announce that we will be returning to Incineration Festival, 2018!

    5th December 2017
  • Wretched Soul tear up Bloodstock

    “From the opening notes, Wretched Soul utterly blew me away." - Press from Bloodstock 2017

    9th September 2017
  • The Big Red Juicy Tour Report

    1,644 Miles, 7 days, 8 hangovers and 3 broken cymbals later: and the Big Red Juicy Tour has reached it’s epic climax! 

    23rd April 2017
  • Wretched Soul announced for Bloodstock Open Air

    Wretched Soul confirmed for –the UK’s No.1 Metal Festival– Bloodstock Open Air!

    21st March 2017
  • Wretched Soul x Blood Red Throne UK Tour

    Wretched Soul and Norwegian death-dealers, Blood Red Throne announce 7 date UK Tour this April

    4th March 2017
  • The Ghost Road – OUT NOW!

    The sophomore record from Wretched Soul “The Ghost Road” is available now!  Full story & Press

    2nd December 2016
  • The Ghost Road Tour

    The time has finally come to announce the first handful of live dates in support of our forthcoming new record, 'The Ghost Road'

    12th November 2016
  • The Ghost Road CD/Shirt Package Pre-order

    UKEM Records announce Exclusive 'The Ghost Road' package limited to 50 units. Pre-order here

    24th September 2016
  • ‘The Ghost Road’ release date, track listing and pre-order announced

    The Ghost Road Arrives Decemeber 2nd, from UKEM Records and Plastic Head

    17th September 2016
  • Wretched Soul join the UKEM roster

    Wretched Soul joins the UKEM roster, new album 'The Ghost Road' penned for a late 2016 release.

    10th September 2016
  • Wretched Soul partner with Vocalzone

    Wretched Soul announce latest endorsement from Vocalzone

    11th April 2016
  • Wretched Soul Sign with Concept Music Group

    Wretched Soul sign European Bookings deal with Concept Music Group

    3rd March 2016
  • Wretched Soul short-listed as band to watch in 2016

    "The band every Metal fan needs to listen to and see live" - Metal Temple

    10th January 2016
  • Wildfire Festival

    Wretched Soul set to light up Scotland's Wildfire Festival

    17th December 2015
  • Tyranny of Faith Tour: Mission Debrief

    The Tyranny of Faith UK Tour with King Leviathan has reached it's reassuringly clamorous conclusion! Special thanks to...

    25th November 2015

    Wretched Soul is very proud to announce 'The Tyranny Of Faith Tour' this November.

    28th August 2015

    Wretched Soul proud to announce they have joined The Nazgul Agency roster.

    5th August 2015

    Wretched Soul announced for MAMMOTHFEST 2015

    20th July 2015
  • Spring Tour Report

    The "Road to Incineration” Tour has been long and LOUD! With over 1600 miles travelled on this UK run...

    10th May 2015
  • Road To Incineration Tour

    Wretched Soul announce the Road To Incineration Tour

    2nd March 2015
  • Incineration Fest

    London Burns, Wretched Soul confirmed for Incineration Fest

    28th November 2014
  • Wretched Soul confirmed for Thrashersauris IV

    Wretched Soul announced for Thrashersaurus IV

    28th November 2014
  • Final Shows For 2014

    'November Necromancy Tour' Announced

    2nd October 2014
  • ‘Veronica’ now available from Nuclear Blast

    'Veronica' available now from Nuclear Blast Europe's mail order!

    9th September 2014

Tour Dates


    • The Ghost Road

      Recorded and Produced by
      Chris Tsangarides
      Mastered by Dan Swanö
      Artwork by Dan Goldsworthy
      Released by UKEM Records/Plastic Head
      “MAIDEN MEETS IMMORTAL EPIC” – Terrorizer #278

      Buy Album

    • Wretched Soul, Veronica


      Recorded and Produced by
      Chris Tsangarides

      Artwork - All Things Rotten
      Released by Dark Lord/Sony DADC


      “Destined to be an essential part of anyone’s Metal collection"
      Jon Zillic - Metalmouth.net


      Full Press


      Buy Album


    Wretched Soul is a modern sounding British Blackened Heavy Metal outfit formed in the historic city of Canterbury. Following periods of relentless touring around the UK, the band has honed an exciting and unique sound all its own, with their potent melding of Death, Thrash, Black and Traditional Heavy Metal offering brutality and melody in equal measure. The cornerstone elements of melody, aggression and conviction allow Wretched Soul’s music to resonate with a vast cross-section of fans, regardless of any specific sub-genre preferences. Described by Zero Tolerance Magazine as “refreshingly difficult to categorise”, they have also been hailed by Terrorizer Magazine as “one of the UK’s most promising underground Thrash bands.”

    Wretched Soul’s savage sophomore album, The Ghost Road was released in December through UKEM Records to rapturous acclaim from fans and critics alike. Following on from The Ghost Road’s critical success, the band will continue to bring their “seemingly untameable energy” into the live environment by pummelling audiences into sweaty submission throughout 2017 and beyond




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